Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"I'm a cancer patient today."

I just returned home from a wonderful, much-needed vacation with my family. It was a great time. My body was cooperative, and thanks to a six week chemocation compliments of Doc W, even my feet were willing to play nice.
I walked for 6 days, I'm talking serious, real walking from one side of a massive theme park to the other. Acres of ground was covered. I must admit ... theme parks are so much more fun with a little Tramadol on board. I spent time with my kids and hub and wasn't a "cancer patient" in SoCal. There I was just mom, wife, lover, friend, tourist, person, me.

Today, I'm back at the clinic to start up my maintenance chemo. I'm so sick and tired of being a cancer patient. My one-year cancer-versary is fast approaching. And aside from three short but wonderful chemocations, the last year of my life has been the hardest I have ever endured. And sadly, there's no end in sight.

Carry on,

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